How to Clear out Your Garage

Once upon a time, garages were used for cars. Nowadays, massive and frequent purchases leave garages with a pile of junk and the least space for vehicles. If you are planning on emptying your parking space, which is how garages are supposed to be, heed these steps for a stress-free clean out:


Assess the amount of time you need to declutter the stuff inside your garage. Invite as many friends and family as you can to speed up the process. Choose which weekend or weekends you want to sort this dilemma by and extend the invite from there.

Go through every single item in your garage. Some people like to start from the outside door to the farthest part of the garage. Others like the strategy of going from left to right or vice versa. Decide on which method you are most comfortable with and choose which items you want to keep. A useful determinant of items that get to stay is anything that you’ve used in the past year. The rest will have to go away, and there are four other categories you need to choose from. Will you donate, return, throw, or sell the items for disposal?

  • These are trash or recycle-worthy items you’ve decided to get rid of. Your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Habitat for Humanity may be able to accept your donations. You might want to also check with your community of friends and family if they need any items you won’t be using that are still in excellent condition.
  • Some borrowed items take forever to get returned. Nevertheless, it’s always better to return them late than never to return them at all. Before giving back these items, determine if the tools need polishing and cleaning. Returning them in good condition is always desirable.
  • Obvious junk and stuff that you haven’t used is a candidate for throwing. Large items that take up valuable space in your garage without serving any function for the last 12 months can be disposed of. If you’ve always had those tables, used mattresses, and worn-out appliances lying in your garage now is the perfect time to dispose of them. Some of these waste items are hazardous to throw away on your own. Hiring a professional junk removal Chicago company will provide the professional service you need.
  • Your trash can be another person’s treasure. You can make money out of your garage junk by selling it through a yard sale or various websites that make selling a post away.
  • After decluttering, it’s time to clean the floor, the walls, and the ceiling. Once all the cleaning is done, organizing the items you’ve decided to keep is optimal. Make use of walls and ceilings when storing them to make sure your car(s) have plenty of floor space. Finally, get rid of pests for a healthier environment.

Once you’ve accomplished this significant task, make sure you maintain your parking space from time to time, being careful not to end up with the same garage problem ever again.